Donald Trump is fuming mad that his social media app is garbage and a complete failure

Trump campaign is demanding CNN apologize for poll that shows Biden leading by 14 points

Former President Donald Trump is enraged by the lackluster launch of his new social networking app, Truth Social.

According to the Daily Beast, Trump was heard on the phone “swearing gratuitously” and demanding “what the fuck is going on” with the app, according to sources.

The long-awaited app from the former president was released on February 20, but it was hampered by technical troubles.

Many users say they were unable to register accounts or were placed on waitlists after downloading the app.

According to individuals who spoke to The Daily Beast, the former president has been whining about the negative coverage surrounding the app’s failed launch, demanding to know why more people aren’t using it and why it isn’t overwhelming the market.

According to The Daily Beast’s report, an examination of the app’s traffic reveals that Truth Social is performing worse or the same as its MAGA app counterparts Gab and Gettr.

According to the publication, Truth Social experienced a strong jump of roughly 2 million daily visitors when it first launched, but then dropped to an average of around 300,000 daily visits after that, according to data from traffic research site SimilarWeb.

According to the publication, this puts the site on a level with Gettr but much below Gab, which had roughly 650,000 daily views in the same time period.

Gab’s mobile apps have been banned from Apple and Google’s app stores.

According to The Daily Beast, the lack of traffic on Truth Social could be attributed to the app’s long backlog, which now has over a million members.

There is presently no Android or web version, and it is only accessible on the Apple app store. According to Axios, the former president has yet to post Truth Social, preferring instead to make TV and radio appearances to speak on current events.

Truth Social is currently limiting access to the app, so Insider is unable to confirm whether Trump has posted.

The former president is the founder and chairman of Truth Social, which he founded after being banned from Twitter and Facebook following the Capitol incident on January 6.

According to Axios, Trump has spoken with many news outlets about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but has yet to share his thoughts on Truth Social, where they would have gotten more attention.

Trump’s account has only one post, from a beta test in mid-February, in which he advised users: “Prepare yourself! You’ll be seeing your favorite President soon!”

According to Axios, Trump’s Instagram account has fewer than 80,000 followers as of Wednesday. Before his account was suspended, Trump had nearly 90 million Twitter followers.

After being banned from multiple social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, in the aftermath of the January 6 Capitol siege, Trump revealed in October 2021 that he was developing his own social media app.

Trump has chastised the platforms for deleting his accounts, accusing them of stifling free speech.