George Conway says Trump led a ‘multifaceted criminal conspiracy’ to destroy democracy

George Conway lays out every law Trump broke after his 2020 election defeat: They should begin a criminal investigation

Former President Donald Trump was charged by conservative attorney George Conway on Sunday with conducting a “multifaceted criminal conspiracy” aimed at disrupting a lawful election and toppling democracy.

Before Thursday’s first televised session of the House select committee examining last year’s Jan. 6 insurgency, Conway, the husband of Trump’s one-time White House assistant Kellyanne Conway, denounced the former president as the head of the conspiracy to CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Both live witnesses and videotaped interviews will be featured at the sessions. According to The Washington Post, Trump’s involvement in a wide-ranging conspiracy to sway the election will function as the “through-line.” Trump will be the subject of the last hearing, which will include additional “bombshells.”

There are no fresh “bombshells,” according to Conway. He added that all politicians need to do is “lay out the things that what we have seen come out over the last 17 months and lay it out in an orderly and compelling fashion,” he explained.

“The fact of the matter is … this was an attempted coup; this was an attempt to overthrow democracy,” Conway said. “It was an attempt to stop, dead in its tracks, on Jan. 6, the peaceful transition of power — and that’s a coup,” he added.

“It was a multi-faceted criminal conspiracy led by the president of the United States to stop — by whatever means necessary — the proper counting of electoral votes under the 12th Amendment,” Conway declared.

Trump had previously mocked GOP critic, Kellyanne Conway, calling him “Mr. Kellyanne” and calling him “the husband from hell” and “a terrible loser.”

Kellyanne said last month that her husband’s “daily flood of vitriol” had “violated our marriage vows” in his constant criticism of the previous president.

‘I worry about our future. I worry about the harm that’s been visited upon this. And for what reason? For politics,’ she had told the outlet.

Meanwhile, later this week, her former boss will be at the heart of a House Democrat-led investigation into the Capitol attack.

According to a Saturday evening report, the panel has ‘video records’ of their marathon conversations with Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

According to sources close to the Democrat-led panel, the films, coupled with other previously unseen evidence, will make for “gripping television” when the committee opens its series of six public hearings on Thursday.

In addition, to live in-person testimony, other witnesses’ pre-recorded testimony is scheduled to be shown.

Seven Democrats and two Republicans will try to prove that last year’s deadly Capital riot was just one stage in a multi-tentacled scheme’ led by Donald Trump to grab control of the American election system.

Members of the committee, including Maryland Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin, claimed in April that the hearings would “blow the roof off the House.”

The hearing on Thursday is anticipated to place the riot in the context of Trump’s alleged attempts to manipulate the election in his favor.

Witnesses have not been announced.

The hearings before the House Select Committee will be the culmination of a thorough investigation that included over 1,000 interviews with witnesses and the review of 125,000 documents. It will be the most comprehensive assessment of the events leading up to the deadly insurgency to date.

The committee can designate cases for prosecution after the hearings, but it is up to the Justice Department to decide whether or not to press charges.